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Blue Skies
Holistic Spa

Brows, Lashes & Body Waxing

Experience toxic free waxing and tinting. Your choice of hard or soft wax, as well as pre and post waxing products that are created in-house, to ensure your unwanted hair is removed easily and without harsh ingredients.

We use a vegetable based tint to ensure your eyelash and eyebrow color is enhanced without the burning and discomfort that accompanies many other tint products. We have found the product we use, Berrywell, is the least invasive tint on the market. It will last 4-6 weeks based on your hair growth cycle.


Your technician is highly trained in waxing and tint procedures, and will explain each step, assuring you feel comfortable throughout the service. Follow up care and any questions are discussed thoroughly, so that you leave knowing your waxing and tinting experience is perfect every time.

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