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Holistic Wellness

Virtual Healing Sessions


Virtual Reiki Energy & Chakra Balance Session

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive healing modality that effectively reduces stress, tension, anxiety, and mental chatter. “Reiki” is an ancient Japanese healing modality that harmonizes and balances the flow of energy in the body, which brings healing and harmony to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The chakras also get a “soul tune up” as these internal systems are restored to maximum efficiency. Essential oils, crystals, sound therapy, and acupressure may be used to facilitate the healing process. You will leave feeling blissfully balanced.

Introductory Session


1 hr | $94

1.5 hr | $130


Private Guided Meditation

Let’s create a meditative oasis where you will uncover, discover, release, or clarify what you need to release, so you may get unstuck and move forward in a positive manner. We will begin by determining your intention for the session. Once that is accomplished, we will walk you through a divinely guided custom meditation. Use of crystals, stones, singing bowls, essential oils, and other high vibrational tools may be used in conjunction with the guided meditation to achieve your particular goals.

30 min | $65

1 hr | $94


Crystal Therapy Healing Session

Crystals are attuned to water. Since our bodies are 70-80% water, they easily attune to the crystals' healing energies to heal imbalances and disharmony. According to The Universal laws of time and space, this energy can transmit to others in a virtual session. The session will ground, balance, and harmonize your chakras while. Sound bowls, tuning forks and energy work will be intermingled to enhance the experience.

Introductory Session $65

1 hr | $94

1.5 hr | $130

Virtual Past Life Regression Meditation

You are guided into a relaxed but present state to bring about knowledge and awareness of past life experiences. This may serve you in the present as a guide to increase your understanding of this life, and to improve your current life experience for higher consciousness. The past can heal the present, or at least guide us to the answers we are looking for. I suggest a minimum of three sessions of exploration of a past life to get the full picture. You will receive a recording to review later via Zoom.

1.5 - 2 hr | $150

Package of 3 Sessions | $399


Clear Beliefs Sessions/Coaching

Do you struggle with challenges that, no matter how many times you attempt to resolve them, are still present? Free yourself from blocks that keep you stuck in repeating patterns with this simple solution. Our signature session is offered as a single session, and available in packages. It is recommended to give yourself  3-6 sessions in order to create lasting change and transformation. You will receive a Zoom recording to review after the session. A Clear Beliefs Consultation is recommended so you may choose your best option for this deeper work. 

1.5 - 2 hr | $150

Package of 3 Sessions | $399

Package of 6 Sessions | $780


Weekly Distance Reiki Sessions  

​These sessions are a great follow up to a virtual Reiki session. They can be performed with your permission to enter the energy field, which allows universal energy to be funneled through the practitioner to you. You can be resting, working, or sleeping during the session. Reiki is powerful and effective, traveling through space to balance the chakras of the body with the energy of the universe. Taking exactly what it needs, the body can heal itself.

  • Weekly (4-5 Sessions): $49 per month

  • Semi-Weekly (2-3 Sessions): $39 per month

Call Us: 702.491.6035
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