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Holistic Massage Treatments


Oasis Custom Therapeutic Massage 

This table massage combines a variety of modalities, improving the function of the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, skeletal, and nervous systems. It also supports the body in recovery and  overall stress relief, while providing focus on one or two specific areas of the body. Your therapist will customize various amounts of pressure and techniques to your preference on the day of your treatment.  Massage modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and medical massage may be used to address you specific needs.

1 hr | $89

1.5 hr | $130

2 hr | $170


​​​Hot Stone Custom Therapeutic Massage  

This is our custom therapeutic massage paired with hot stones and crystals to maximize therapeutic benefits and leave you in a state of peace. Hot stone massage is perfect for those with sore muscles, as heat from the stones relaxes stiffness and allows deep body tissues to release and be manipulated more effectively. The results are reduced tension and soreness for the entire body and ultimate relaxation.

2 hr | $190

Himalayan Salt Massage.png

​​​​Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Our custom therapeutic massage is paired with the innovative healing of warm salt stones in this calming massage. The stones’ vibrational energy down shifts your body, gently releasing an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants while exfoliating the skin and putting essential minerals back into your body, bringing mind, body and spirit, into harmony. You will receive mind, body and spirit relief from this amazing massage treatment.

1.5 hr | $150

2 hr | $200

Energy Infused Holistic Wellness TreatmentsResized.jpg

​Energy Infused Custom Therapeutic Massage

A unique massage integration of our signature custom massage with holistic energy techniques such as Reiki, crystals, and sound bath energy healing. You receive the benefits of traditional massage, while also receiving the benefits of improved energy flow, which brings healing and balance to the body. The energetic healing techniques combined with soothing effects of aromatherapy and custom massage will bring you to your own personal Zen, filled with relaxation, bliss and a new perspective on life.

1.5 hr | $150

2 hr | $200

Signature Massage Add-Ons

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