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Meet The Team

Founder, Holistic Healer, and Holistic Skin Therapist

Cheri’s entrepreneurial journey began with the opening of a single treatment room of her own in 2006. Within 5 years, she became ill due to toxic ingredients in skin care products. She was confronted with a tough choice: change everything about her business or give up on her dream. She began to learn everything she could about toxic-free living so she could incorporate it into her lifestyle and her business.

Before long, Cheri realized how important toxic-free living was to her and expanded her business into a full-service holistic spa. Oasis to Zen Transformation Spa was born, where Cheri and her staff offer mind, body, spirit selfcare in an intimate, toxic-free space. Since then, this Zen atmosphere has transformed, offering holistic services in esthetics, massage, energy treatments, and many unique selfcare programs.

Oasis to Zen offers holistic classes and workshops, advanced skin, body, and energy services to uplift and balance, as well as personalized wellness programs to support stress-free living in today’s busy lifestyle.

Cheri’s unique gift is to synergistically blend a variety of holistic modalities, creating opportunities for each client to create their own unique brand of wellness. We even offer many of our services virtually! Whether your choice is to work with us online or in person, our services, workshops and advanced programs will support you in looking and feeling healthy, beautiful, and whole. Together we will transform your beacon of light into the glow of total wellness for all to see.

Massage Therapist


Alethea began her career as a massage therapist in February 2000.  She grew up in Southwest Virginia and was raised in a metaphysical household, taught to be open to all sorts of new age beliefs as well listening to spirit.  After receiving regular bodywork following a traumatic car accident when she was 17, she fell in love with massage and knew the importance of offering it to the world.  She loved the idea of jumping into many aspects of it, including spiritually healing work. Since then, she has continued to expand in many different modalities and offerings, including Ashiatsu,  Thai massage, meditation, energy work and sound healing.  In addition to that, Alethea also co-owns and performs in an acrobatic horse show, Gladius the Show and works with their 20 horses here in Las Vegas. She loves splitting her time between the healing aspects of both humans and horses and sharing those gifts with the world.

License: NVMT.2612


Massage Therapist


Being able to help and heal others has always been Roxie’s passion. As a massage therapist, she helps others by providing an invaluable service to people who are in pain, recovering from injuries, or experiencing stress. Massage therapy can provide many benefits, such as speeding up the healing process, improving circulation, and can even restoring emotional balance. Roxie says, “I am just a vessel to be able to help others achieve their health goals and Oasis to Zen is perfect environment to set the tone.”

License: NVMT.9621


Licensed Esthetician


Kathy loves the butterfly because it represents transformation that we all want to see in our lives. Many times, we want to see it in our skin. Acne skin becoming clear, aging skin looking more youthful, or uneven skin tone becoming more even. Most of us desire some type of change.

Kathy became a licensed aesthetician over twenty years ago. She is also a certified aromatherapist and student of energy medicine. Combining these modalities allows her to effectively assist clients on their journey towards transformation.


Massage Therapist


Katrina Ugarte is a 2007 graduate of Northwest Health Careers, practicing massage therapy for 15 years in Las Vegas, NV. Her specialties include, Medical massage, Sports Therapy and Therapeutic massage. Other healing modalities that she specializes in are Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Raindrop Technique using Young Living essential oils. She is very knowledgeable in her craft, guiding her clients to achieve a healthier and pain free lifestyle. She can be reached for appointments via text/call at 702.917.8196.

License: NVMT.3217


Massage Therapist


Leanne has worked in the massage industry for over 20 years. She worked on the strip for several years, then had the privilege of moving to a local spa. Here she became her own boss.  She enjoys working on repeat clients, as this allows her to help each of them become relaxed and pain free. Her clients compliment her intuitive ability to get into places they don't realize are an issue. Leanne can be booked by text/voice at 702.715.1141 or online at

License: NVLMT8645


Holistic Esthetician, Bodyworker, and Reiki Practitioner


A Las Vegas original, Casee is driven by a profound dedication to bodywork, energy healing, and esthetics. Graduating in cosmetology in 2008, she mastered esthetics, before a car accident redirected her path.

Turning adversity into opportunity, she delved into yoga, particularly body-centered practices. This exploration led her to embrace energy healing. With training in in energy healing, bodywork and esthetics, she crafts uniquely tailored sessions that harmonize physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Casee's journey is a testament to her passion for holistic well-being as an adept and compassionate holistic practitioner.

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