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First Time Specials


First Time Clients Specials

“First Time Client” Taste of Zen Therapeutic Sessions

Choose your favorite 60 min session for $80 Each

  • Custom Therapeutic Massage  (Reg $89)

  • Custom Holistic Facial  (Reg $89)

  • Custom Energy Healing Session  (Reg $94)

First time Client Energy Infused Custom Facial

This luxurious organic facial incorporates relaxing Reiki energy and a combination of energetic tools into our Oasis Signature Holistic Facial. Reiki improves the body’s flow of energy, bringing anti-aging, purifying, and healing benefits to the face, as well as to mind, body, and spirit. Alternative wellness tools such as gemstones, tuning forks, and a Reiki energy will be used on the face and body to enhance session benefits. We will discuss and determine your specific skincare goals and create the perfect treatment for your skin. This harmonic experience will bring balance to all skin types.

90 min - $109 (Reg $140)

First Time Client Energy Infused Custom Massage

A unique massage integration of our signature custom massage with holistic energy techniques such as Reiki, crystals, and sound bath energy healing.  You receive the benefits of traditional massage, while also receiving the benefits of improved energy flow, which brings healing and balance to the body. The energetic healing techniques combined with soothing effects of aromatherapy and custom massage will bring you to your own personal Zen, filled with relaxation, bliss and a new perspective on life.

90 min  $109  (Reg $150)

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