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Blue Skies


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Guided Meditation

Private Guided Meditation

Let’s create a meditative oasis where you will uncover, discover, release, or clarify what you need to release, so you may get unstuck and move forward in a positive manner. We will begin by determining your intention for the session. Once that is accomplished, we will walk you through a divinely guided custom meditation. Use of crystals, stones, singing bowls, essential oils, and other high vibrational tools may be used in conjunction with the guided meditation to achieve your particular goals

  • 30 minutes: $65

  • 60 minutes: $94

  • 90 minutes: $130



Group Guided Meditations

This is hybrid of the private group meditation similar to our scheduled events. The difference is you get to decide when you want to have your own private party! Choose your topic and create your own custom session with a group of friends, family, or even your office. Please contact the spa to find out more details and customize your private group session today!

Starting at $150 per Group

Sound Bath Guided Meditation 

Enveloped by musical bliss, your guided meditation begins. Vibrational energy shifts consciousness, and you drift into a meditative state. You breathe the delicious aromatherapy as the melodic notes shift, clear, and move energy through your body. Frequencies create dissonance and resonance as different instruments blend together intuitively, shifting and harmonizing the chakras. This crystal bowl serenade, combined with clear intention manifests well-being, health, and conscious awareness.

  • 30 minutes: $65

  • 60 minutes: $94

Past Life Regression Meditation  

You are guided into a relaxed but present state to bring about knowledge and awareness of past life experiences. This may serve you in the present as a guide to increase your understanding of this life, and to improve your current life experience for higher consciousness.  You can find clarity and answers for today by exploring the past. I suggest a minimum of three sessions of exploration of a past life to get the full picture.

  • 90 to 120 minutes: $150

  • Package of 3 Sessions: $399

Clear Beliefs Sessions

Do you struggle with challenges that, no matter how many times you attempt to resolve them, are still present? Free yourself from subconscious blocks that keep you stuck in the problem with this simple solution. Our signature session is offered as a single session, available in packages, with a Clear Beliefs Coaching Program, which is recommended for lasting transformation.

A Clear Beliefs Consultation is recommended so you may choose your best option for this deeper work. 

  • 90 to 120 minutes: $150

  • Package of 3 Sessions: $399

  • Package of 6 sessions: $780


Dreamcatchers & Crystals Manifestation Meditation

Quiet yourself, close your eyes, and focus on your chosen intention. Connect with your spirit guides, earth, and the crystals that surround you. Visualize your intention already manifesting abundance and prosperity in your life. Envision and go deeper, listening to the musical sounds of Native American rattles, drums, bells, and flute. Seal your intention by creating your own powerful grid with stones and a dreamcatcher mandala. Leave with clarity around your desires and intentions, as well as your own a custom crystal grid creation to continue manifesting at home. Instructions, stones, and follow up included.

90 minutes: $160

Bliss Boost® Mind Body Spirit Meditative Reset

They say you can’t accomplish your goals lying down….but, what if you could?

This advanced meditative reset combines a variety of creativity enhancing and spirit lifting techniques which make it possible for you to get past the mind-numbing blocks which have kept you from moving forward in life. This Oasis Signature Experience begins with slow deep breaths of calming and soothing organic aromatherapy as your body relaxes to let go and receive this transformative guided meditative experience. Using only premium essential oils, Reiki energy, vibrational tools, and divine guidance, you will be taken to a place of mind shifting and emotional release. The session ends with a private coaching session to capture the inspiration and Divine information you receive during the meditation.

  • 1-1/2 hour: $170*

*Includes use of Seed to Seal® premium essential oils and pre- and post-phone consultation.

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