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Discover Oasis to Zen Transformation Spa

Oasis to Zen 

Oasis to Zen

Oasis to Zen Wellness Center and Transformation Spa’s passionate mission is to help women refill, renew and restore from the inside out, through luxurious self care spa treatments and deeper level nutrition and inner care mentorship, through personalized services, wellness workshops and advanced wellness programs.

Zen Therapeutic Massage Treatments
Holistic Organic Skincare
Energy Infused Holistic Wellness
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energy spa Facial Massage Reiki


Himalayan Salt Massage

Zen Therapeutic
Massage Treatments

Experience the full body makeover a custom energy massage provides. A fantastic traditional massage, enhanced with a mind body spirit reset for a complete energetic shift.

Reiki energy facial

Holistic Organic Skincare

Refresh and rebuild with our luxurious skincare treatments! We incorporate toxic-free skincare and holistic modalities to create a healing journey within, so you emanate an ageless glow on the outside. Come and see for yourself the difference between our energy skincare experience and a traditional day spa facial.

sound bowl therapy healing

Energy Infused
Holistic Wellness

Got stress? Choose an uplifting energy treatment to support yourself, so you get better rest, have more energy, and release tension and anxiety. Essential oils, crystals, sound therapy, and acupressure are also used to facilitate the body’s natural healing process to achieve ultimate harmony within.


Gift someone you love with an experience they'll love & appreciate.

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"Love, Love Love this place! Great customer service! If you are looking for strong hands & firm massage, Roxie & Delrey are your girls. I can't say enough good things, all I can tell you is that I'm always a ball of knots and this is the first time I've felt relaxed in I don't know low long! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that put this together for my husband and myself!"

Shayla H.

"Oasis to Zen is definitely the Oasis in Las Vegas! Walking into the spa always provides inner bliss and is truly a place for transformation! Since discovering Oasis to Zen, I have received Vibrational Healing through tuning forks, Reiki, and a light guided meditation. Be prepared for transformation from the inside out. Thank you to Cheri and healing gift!"

Kaitlyn P.

"On time appt. Facility was ultra clean and had private rooms. I am giving special kudos to Roxie, my masseuse. She asked frequently if the pressure was good and made certain of my comfort. An excellent massage!"

Maria D.

"Great place to get your relaxation on! I came for a group meditation led by Cheri, and was not disappointed. It was an amazing cleansing and clearing session. The Oasis staff was there to assist and guide us, as well as Cheri thought the experience. Cannot wait to do it again m=next month!"

Lynn S.

Spa Salts and Stones

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5715 West Alexander Road suite 140,

Las Vegas, NV 89130 • 702.491.6035



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